Solar Paper - 5W


1.  Charging times when exposed to direct sunlight:

>Solar Paper 5 Watt:
On a sunny day, it takes 2~2.5 hours to fully charge a smartphone.

> Solar Paper 7.5 Watt:

On a sunny day, it takes 2 hours to fully charge a smartphone.

>Solar Paper 10 Watt:
On a sunny day, it takes 4.5 hours to fully charge an iPad.

> Solar Paper 15 Watt:

On a sunny day, it takes 4.5 hours to fully charge an iPad and a smartphone.


2. Easily Expandable using Magnets:

Embed magnets allow users to easily adjust power amount of Solar Paper by adding or subtracting panels.

3. Super Thin and Light:

Main Panel: 0.17 lb.  and 0.43" thick 

Sub Panel: 2.2 oz (0.14 lb.) and 0.08” thick.

> Solar Paper 5W consists of 1 main panel + 1 sub panel.

It measures just 3.5” x 7.5” x 0.4” when folded, and weighs 5 oz. (0.3 lb.) when folded.


> Solar Paper 7.5W consists of 1 main panel + 2 subpanels.
It measures just3.5"x7.5"x0.4" when folded, 10.6"x 7.5"x 0.4" when unfolded. And it weighs 0.45 lb.


> Solar Paper 10W consists of 1 main panel + 3 sub panels.
It  measures just 3.5"x7.5"x0.4" when folded and 14.2"x 7.5"x0.4" when unfolded. And it weighs 0.6 lb.


> Solar Paper 15W consists of 1 main panel + 5 sub panels.

It measures just 3.5” x 7.5” x 0.4” when folded; and 21"x 7.5"x0.4"  when unfolded. And it weighs 0.88 lb.

4. Package also consists of pouch, string, and connectors:

Users can easily hang Solar Paper on a backpack using an enclosed string or connectors. 

5.  Other Features:

(1) LCD Ampere Meter: 

It shows exactly how much current flow from the Solar Paper to your electronic device.

(2) Auto-reset Feature: 
No need to reconnect the USB cable manually every time solar charger was under the shade. Solar Paper auto resets itself so that your device continues to charge. Hassle-free.





2017 CES Design Awards
2017 ISPO Brand-new Award FINALIST

CNBC in U.S.

gizmag review

daily mail



Paper-thin Solar Paper Creation Story


Embeded magnets allow users to

easily adjust power amount of Solar Paper by adding or subtracting panels.




<How to pick right Solar Paper>

>Solar Paper 5 Watt:

On a sunny day, it takes 2~2.5 hours to fully charge a smartphone, when exposed to direct sunlight.
On a cloudy day, duration will be a bit longer compared to a sunny day.

>Solar Paper 7.5 Watt: 
If you want to charge devices on a cloudy day but want to charge with the speed as that of on a sunny day, then use more panels, 7.5W or 10W. (However, the exact speed may vary depending on the cloudiness.)

>Solar Paper 10 Watt:
We recommend 10W Solar Paper for most of Tablets such as iPad, Galaxy tab and Microsoft Surface.

Embed magnets allow users to easily adjust power amount of Solar Paper by adding or subtracting panels.



Question 1) Under what circumstances can I use it?

Ans 1) Anywhere under the Sun.

Question 2) How long does it take to charge a device?

Ans 2)When a smartphone is connected to Solar Paper 5W, it can be fully charged in 2.5 hours when exposed to direct sunlight on a sunny day. 
10W produces the proper current to charge tablet PCs and it may take 4.5 hours on a clear day.

Question 3) What electronic products can be charged?

Ans 3) Any product that can be charge with a USB cable can be charged by Solar Paper. Examples are iPhone, Samsung, or any smartphones, MP3, portable chargers, digital camera (GoPro, mirrorless) and battery chargers. For tablet PCs, 10Watt should be used.

Question 4) Is it possible to charge while riding a bicycle or climbing, by hanging Solar Paper on a backpack?

Ans 4) Sure. However, as the direction of sunlight would change frequently, it can cause a frequent auto reset, which may result in discharge. For this reason, if it is difficult to get steady
sunlight, we recommend you to charge the solar paper to the portable charger, and then charge the device using the portable charger.

Question 5) An “Unsupported Accessory” message appears on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Ans 5) These messages may be displayed when the sun is weak or unstable, which may prevent the battery from charging smoothly.Please check the LCD screen if there is sufficient electricity
generated or the appropriate solar paper is connected to your equipment. (In some cases, a message may appear even if the USB cable is counterfeit.) If you do not have enough sunlight, you can collect the energy by connecting the solar paper to a portable charger if it is not enough to charge your smartphone.

Question 6) Is it possible to charge by the sunlight coming through the window or by artificial lights?

Ans 6) It does not work with artificial lights. Also, if you are charging through a window, the charging rate is to be slower than under the direct sunlight. This is because of the refraction of
sunlight by window glasses. Especially, if you have an anti-UV film on the window, the power generation may not be smooth.

Question 7) Can I store energy in Solar Paper?

Ans 7) Solar paper only converts sunlight into electricity but does not store the generated energy.
However, if you connect the portable charger to Solar Paper, the generated electricity will be stored in the portable charger, so you can use the stored electricity even at night or when it is

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