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Light Matters

Today's indoor lighting is static, as if the sun were fixed in the sky. This is unnatural and has significant implications to our sleep, mood, immune system, weight management, and overall well-being.


Ario Features

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    Ario in Action

    Ario’s high-performance LEDs provide bright, 2400 lumen output and a wide color range, from 6500K blue-rich light (mid-day sun) to 1800K amber light (candle/fire light).

      Ario provides a natural way to wake up when you want to, with gently increasing light.​


      Ario  provides blue-rich light, energizing you like a sunny day while working at home.

      Ario's calming amber light creates a relaxing atmosphere.​ 


      Ario's downward-directed light prepares you for sleep. Ario can turn itself off or act as a nightlight that won't disturb sleep.



      Everything the physical controls do and more! You are in control of how to start and live your day.

      • Sunrise alarm
      • Time zone
      • Schedule update
      • Remote control
      • Color temperature range




      Two light engines, one facing up, one facing down, a purpose-built highly-integrated LED controller, and an advanced processor power Ario.



      Ario is a beautifully polished, autonomous system, configurable as either a floor or desk/table lamp. 



      Ario’s real-time clock and non-volatile storage automatically adjust color and direction, even after loss of power or WiFi. You can control Ario via physical buttons, wall switch, or the Ario app on your phone, tablet, or PC.


      Ario’s solid-state LEDs use only 1/5 the energy of equivalent incandescent lights. Ario’s state-of-the-art LEDs and heat sink deliver >35,000 hours of life. 

      Science Behind Ario

      Decades of research from Harvard Medical School, NASA, and leading institutions around the world have revealed a great deal of information about how light impacts and regulates our health. We designed Ario based on this large body of knowledge and on recommendations of the National Institute of Health and American Medical Association. Here is a summary.

      Our body learns what time it is from light in our environment. Non-visual photoreceptors in our eyes, discovered fairly recently, are sensitive to changing levels of blue light from above. These receptors provide signals to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), a tiny region located in the hypothalamus responsible for controlling our circadian rhythm, or body clock. This in turn influences the production of hormones regulating bodily process.

      Today’s static artificial lights throw off our body clock by as much as three hours. While we don’t perceive this directly, this changes the balance of our endocrine system, generally reducing levels of body process regulating hormones both day and night. These changes to our basic physiology affect our metabolism which in turn impacts our sleep, behavior, mood, and general health.

      Medical and lighting professionals recommend the following to promote healthy circadian rhythm, restful sleep, and overall well-being. Ario is designed to deliver what is recommended: 

      • Blue-rich light from above stimulates cortisol production in the morning to synchronize circadian rhythm and awaken, and during the day to maintain alertness.
      • Amber-toned light with very little blue and a relatively dark ceiling, at the end of the day. This makes it easier to relax and prepare the body for sleep by facilitating the release of the hormone melatonin which is inhibited by typical light exposure at night.

      Ario Lamp Specs


      • 2400 Lumen output (150W equivalent)
      • 1800K-6500K CCT (color range from candle to daylight)
      • Upward and downward light delivery
      • Automatic adjustments based on user needs and preferences
      • LEDs last 20+ years at normal usage. No bulbs to install or replace.

      Sizes & Models

      • Configurable as a floor or desk/table lamp the body stems can be removed to adjust height down 
      • Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 Kg)
      • Height: 2 ft (61cm) or 5 ft (152 cm)
      • Diameter: 13 in (33 cm)

      Materials & Sensors

      • Ultra-durable brushed aluminum finish
      • High-efficiency acrylic glass diffuser
      • Low glare shades for directional light shaping
      • Proximity sensor to power off when not in use
      • Ambient light sensor to reduce energy usage

      Power, Controls, & Connectivity

      • Integrated WiFi connectivity
      • Manual and remote control (integrated buttons, app, web, and management console)
      • 1-30W, 90-264 vac 50/60Hz universal input
      • 1-100% dimming, color, and direction control




      Ario central stem module, "The Brain"


      Ario directional light engine, "Lamp head" 


      How do I assemble my Ario Lamp?

      Follow this easy, step-by-step guide on our website. Screw driver recommended. 

      How does Ario work?

      By adjusting its color and light direction, Ario mimics the natural light dark cycle our bodies evolved to expect. Your eyes contain non-visual photo receptors sensitive to blue light from above that help cue your body’s natural circadian rhythm. By day, Ario delivers blue rich light from top and bottom to synchronize circadian rhythm, and help make your mind and body alert. At night, Ario delivers warm light with virtually no blue, in a downward direction. This allows you to see well without disturbing your body’s natural production of melatonin.

      What is unique about Ario?

      Ario is the only lamp that fully supports circadian rhythm. With a unique combination of features, Ario automatically changes direction of light delivery and color over a wide range of controlled blue output. It includes a real-time clock and stored program to always light with the right color and direction of light. Ario is also brighter than consumer smart bulbs.

      What contributes to the cost of the lamp?

      The lamp includes the full fixture, two light sources, processor, real-time clock, and web app which allows you to customize your schedule. Considering it would take two bulbs, we compare favorably to smart bulbs that are 1/3 the brightness and cost $70-100/each. The lamp is also well made to last as long as the light sources.


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