BLINK S Electric Skateboard

With its clean aesthetics and functional design, ACTON Blink S is the perfect companion for your daily commute. Reaching a speed of up to 15 mph and climbing 8.6° hills, ACTON Blink S is perfect for users looking for a powerful way to get around. No battery, No problem! The ACTON Blink S e-board functions as normal longboard when off or out of battery. It’s signature built-in LED lights makes for a bright cruising experience!

"ACTON Blink S offers a nice balance between portability and price." - Apple Insider

ACTON Blink S is a streamlined and eco friendly approach
for getting from point A to point B.

Perfect companion for the everyday urban commuters. The board is compact
and easy to maneuver on trains and buses.

Powerful, quiet, and smooth for your everyday adventures. 


  • Single Hub System 
  • 15 MPH top speed
  • 7 Miles Range on a single charge
  • 15% Incline Rate 
  • Signature Safety LED Lighting
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Wireless Remote Control


Is safety gear required while riding my ACTON Blink S?
We always recommend wearing a helmet and other safety gear like gloves, pads, and long sleeves when riding.

Can I ride my ACTON Blink S in the rain?
Any amount of water has the potential of damaging the board. Water damage is not covered under warranty. Riding on wet pavement is extremely dangerous due to the potential for losing traction and control.

How do the different ride modes work?
Please go to App Store or Google play, search “ACTON” and download the app. You can set 3 modes – beginner, normal, pro via the app.
Once the mode is set, you can put your phone away and use the remote to accelerate and brake.

How to re-sync the remote controller?
Switch ON the board through the whole process.
Note: Connect Bluetooth of the board with the ACTON App.
Step 1. Switch OFF (just) the remote. Switch the remote to the reverse position. Slide the button above the battery to Left Position (tortoise mode).

Go to ACTON app

For Android: Go to Status tab. Press the remote icon on the right and press YES
For iOS: Go to your profile. Press the skateboard icon on the top left of the screen. Press ‘Repair a new remote’ and then press ‘YES’.
Step 2: While pulling the joystick back (brake position), switch ON the remote.
Step 3: You can see the Blue LED on the remote blinking at a higher frequency than normal showing the remote is paired.
Step 4: Slide the button above the battery back to the right position (hare mode). Put the remote back to forward mode.
The remote is paired with your ACTON Blink S!

Can it be carried on airplanes?
ACTON Blink S battery is under 100Wh capacity (80Wh) and is compliant with the regulations regarding transport of the board on most passenger planes. However, airlines have the authority to make the final call, which we cannot guarantee, so we highly suggest calling the airline prior to your trip.

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